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Our infrared heating system is dust-free, CO2-free, and can be installed as a better & cheaper substitute for traditional heating systems underfloor, in walls or even on ceiling.

Keep the warm inside and reduce your heating bills before winter comes! Send a free quote today and make your house warm and cosy!

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Modern Underfloor Heating Systems In United Kingdom

It’s time to say goodbye to outdated heating methods. Opt for high-quality, convenient heating solutions from Infrared-Heat. Our heating systems require relatively no maintenance, they are fully adjustable and are also beneficial for both people and the environment.

Create your ideal heating system with infrared mats!

With virtually unlimited installation methods for our infrared heating mats you’ll find plenty of possibilities and combinations for a modern way to heat your home. These include:

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heating films

A modern way to efficiently and safely heat your home.

(heat regulators)

Control the heat in your home remotely, wherever you are.


A modern way to efficiently and safely heat your home.


Never before has thermal insulation been so effective.

Why Choose Our Infrared Heating Systems?


More and more companies are offering infrared heating. The question is: What distinguishes us from the competition? Why is it worth trusting us?

Installation throughout the country

We can install our heating systems anywhere and everywhere.

Attractive prices of equipment and services

We have competitive prices and an unrivalled quality of services.


Our extensive experience enables us to provide high quality services.

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Advantages Of Heating Films


Modern heating methods are extremely efficient. Find out just how effective infrared heating mats are.


Infrared heating mats are a safe product because they don’t have any mechanical elements and are therefore failure-free.


By installing infrared heating mats in your home, you can be sure that they will serve you effectively, without faults for many years.


Install infrared heating mats and enjoy more free time! You no longer have to worry about fuel or the temperature in your home.


Enjoy a long and healthy life! The system has antibacterial properties, which is great for allergy sufferers. Plus, it improves the immune system and offers thermal comfort.


By heating your home with infrared heating mats, you avoid using the Earth’s natural resources such as wood, coal or natural gas.

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