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Infrared Heating Films Lewisham - Innovative Heating Technology Offered By Infrared Heat

Fed up with high energy bills and ineffective heating systems? Infrared Heat has an innovative modern heating solution that is effective and efficient and uses 60% less energy compared to other heating systems. Create a fantastic, economic infrared heating system with infrared heating films.

Infrared Heating Films Can Be Used To Create An Effective, Efficient, Economical Heating System

Our infrared heating films Lewisham are used to create effective heating systems that are totally adjustable with no maintenance and are completely environmentally friendly. With unlimited installation methods, welcome to the future of heating!

Infrared Heating Films Lewisham - Frequently Asked Questions

Wooden plank with floor heating. 3d illustration

What Are Infrared Heating Films Lewisham And How Do They Work?

Infrared heating films Lewisham are a versatile, innovative modern product that is used for wall, ceiling, and underfloor heating systems, and provides an efficient and effective heating systems across the whole house or chosen parts. The infrared heating films are extremely thin at 0.4mm and consist of laminated carbon fibers. Installation doesn’t require any invasive techniques like lifting of the floor and is very easily installed within your home. Infrared radiation is the heat that is given off of warm objects and it is completely safe to use and safe for you, your family and the environment.

Infrared Heating Offers Efficiency, Safety, And Comfort For Homeowners

Thermal energy is transferred by electromagnetic radiation from the infrared heating films, to objects within the heating area. Electromagnetic radiation is a natural type of radiation that is all around us. Electromagnetic waves are heat energy that is given off by any warm object. When radiation is used, there is no wasted energy, unlike traditional electrical heaters, and also there are no problems with safety as infrared radiation from these heaters has no hazardous effect upon the human body. In fact, infrared radiation is used in physiotherapy lamps.

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Infrared Floor heating system under wooden cover. Top view. Ways of installing films under cover. Vector Illustration isolated on white background.

Infrared Heating Films Lewisham Offer A Variety Of Benefits To Allergy Sufferers

Infrared heating films work by transferring infrared radiation through the air to nearby objects and warming them up. Air particles are not involved, nor are convection waves, unlike convection heaters – this means that any dust or allergens within the air around you, are not disturbed and therefore are not irritating any of your allergies. So this heating system is perfect for asthma sufferers and people prone to allergies. The infrared heaters are also extremely slimline panels, which did not attract or collect dust particles or other allergens, unlike larger storage heaters.

Infrared Heating Systems Provide A Number Of Advantages Over Traditional Heating Systems


Innovative infrared heating mats are extremely efficient compared to more traditional heaters. All of the heat generated is used and none is wasted.


Infrared heating systems do not emit dangerous chemicals or radiation and are safe for you, your family, and the environment.


Infrared heating systems are extremely reliable, they have no mechanical parts to become damaged and cause operation to cease.


IInfrared heating mats just need to be installed and they are ready for use. They require no maintenance, temperature setting or fuel.


There are no allergy problems with infrared heating systems. Just pure thermal energy involved in their heating effect.


Using infrared technology means no fossil fuels or non-sustainable energy resources just eco-friendly materials and products.

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