Advantages of infrared heating films


The infrared heating system is...

Efficient and economical

It allows you to cut right down to the minimum heating costs and time spent on servicing, with almost 100% heating efficiency.

Safe and reliable

This type of installation provides a high degree of safety thanks to its durability, and there’s no need for servicing and no risk of burns or gas poisoning.


An infrared heating system has antibacterial properties, which is great for allergy sufferers. Plus, it improves the immune system and offer thermal comfort.


Our infrared heating mats contribute to the protection of the environment. They don’t use the Earth’s natural resources – in turn lowering carbon emissions.

Comparison of infrared heating systems with other heating systems

Infrared foil
Electric panels
Gas boiler
Electric boiler



Fossil fuel



Minimum 15 years!

2-3 years

10 years

About 5 years

Heating speed

4-20 minutes

10-15 minutes

30-60 minutes

30-60 minutes

Pros and cons
diagram costs of infrared heating London

Are infrared heating films part of the best heating system?

Infrared heating systems are a modern solution and ideal for the environment. You’ll make a real difference by switching.                                

To sum up – infrared heating systems:

  • produce less carbon dioxide than traditional heating
  • are extremely energy-saving
  • have components made of 100% recyclable materials
  • are the most environmentally friendly, most user-friendly* and cheapest heating system to operate** available on the market

*Our thermostats give you full control over the temperature, so you don’t waste energy that you don’t need.

For example, by using a thermostat, you can lower the temperature by as little as 1 degree, which will significantly affect heat consumption and carbon dioxide emissions.

**In combination with solar panels you’ll get clean, renewable energy. And you’ll also be able to reduce energy costs for heating your home to £0 in the heating seasons.

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