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Infrared Heating Films London - Innovative Heating System Technology

Say goodbye to inefficient, expensive heating methods from the past, and hello to the new modern innovative heating solutions from Infrared Heat. There are many methods for infrared heating installation which are quick and easy.

Create An Efficient, Economic Heating System, Using Infrared Heating Films London

After installation, it requires virtually no maintenance. The infrared heating films are fully adjustable and beneficial for you and the environment! Heat your home the modern way!

What Should You Know About Infrared Heating Films London?

Infrared Heat Ltd offers a new innovative heating system based on infrared technology. This infrared heating system London designed allows you to heat your home efficiently, effectively, and affordably. Infrared radiation is perfectly safe for you and is also friendly to the environment.
Compared to traditional heaters, which heat the air around you, infrared radiation directly heats any objects within the room including yourself!
The infrared heating films London produced are made from layers of laminated carbon tissue on PET Film and copper busbar.
When electricity is passed through the heating films, it heats up, due to electrical resistance and emits infrared radiation immediately.
The infrared heating system can be installed anywhere: houses, flats, offices, even schools. Installation is very versatile, it can be utilised as an underfloor heating system, or placed on the ceilings or walls. Because of the thinness of the film it is easily installed and doesn’t change the level of the floor.
You can use it as a primary heating source, or in addition to your existing heating system.

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FAQ Infrared Heating Films London

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What Are Infrared Heating Films?

Infrared heating films are a modern, innovative heating product. It is exceptionally efficient and effective, and used in infrared underfloor heating system, and also in wall or ceiling heating systems. These systems contain infrared heating films with an exceptional thickness of 0.4mm and made from laminated carbon fibres. Installing infrared heating films London systems do not need to be invasive with the floor or other structural parts of your home. In addition, because this product uses infrared radiation to heat your home it is 100% safe for you and the environment.

How Can Infrared Heating Films Increase Efficiency And Safety In Your Home?

Infrared heating films London systems work by transmitting electromagnetic waves which transfer thermal energy. Infrared Heating films are so efficient because the heating effect is instantaneous, as soon as the system is turned on, and no energy is wasted. As infrared radiation spreads through the room it is absorbed into water particles in our bodies, warming us up. This is completely safe and is comparable to sitting in a warm sunlit area. Another benefit is that it consumes less than half the electricity compared to other heating systems.

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Infrared Floor heating system under wooden cover. Top view. Ways of installing films under cover. Vector Illustration isolated on white background.

Why Infrared Heating Films Are A Good Choice For Allergy Sufferers?

If you suffer from any allergies, an infrared heating system is the best choice of all systems for you. Infrared radiation does not need to use any convection currents in the air, in order to spread the heat and so it does not interact with any allergens or irritants that are in the air. Using infrared heating films London provides homeowners with an energy-efficient, non-allergenic method of heating their homes. Another benefit of our infrared heaters is that they are in slimline panels that do not attract and accumulate dust or allergens.

Advantages Of Using Infrared Heating Films System


Modern Infrared heating systems are incredibly efficient because no energy is wasted, and all the generated heat is used to warm objects within the room.


Infrared heating films London do not emit any dangerous types of energy or radiation and have been found to be 100% safe for people and the environment.


Infrared heating films have no mechanical parts to fail, so they are not only efficient but, reliable and will keep you warm for many years.


Infrared heating films require no maintenance. Just install them and go, no need to worry about fuel or temperature setting, or changing the temperature.


Infrared heating systems do not irritate allergy sufferers as air movement is not involved in movement of thermal energy and their heating effect.


Using infrared heating technology means that you are not using non-renewable resources, such as coal, oil and natural gas, completely eco-friendly!

Are Infrared Heating Films A Good Choice For Commercial Areas & Factories?

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Do you have an industrial business? Do you find productivity decreases in colder weather? During cold days industrial workers have difficulty working when the temperature drops and they feel uncomfortable and cold. Infrared Heat has the perfect solution! Our infrared heating films London designed are extremely effective for heating industrial spaces. Our heating films London, work using infrared technology. This is completely safe for human use and more effective compared to other heating systems. That’s not all! Infrared heating system uses less energy consumption compared to other heaters and it’s more efficient. So it will warm your employees quicker, better and for less money! You will see a significant change in your energy bills.

Infrared heaters work by emitting infrared electromagnetic radiation into the surroundings. This type of radiation is perfectly safe and is in fact the same radiation that every warm object emits including you and me! Infrared radiation works just like sitting in warm sunshine. It passes through the air and heats objects as it touches them. This allows heating to occur at a fast pace. It very quickly will heat everything in the area.

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