Infrared heating films


Efficiency and safety

Infrared heating systems operate using appropriate electromagnetic wavelengths. For home heating, infrared heating films emit radiation at temperatures ranging from 5 to 100 degrees Celsius. This radiation is quickly absorbed by water particles, rapidly heating bodies in rooms heated by infrared heating systems. This radiation is safe and healthy– for example infrared lamps are found in physiotherapy and cosmetology facilities.

What is an infrared heating film?

Infrared heating films are becoming increasingly popular due to the many benefits they offer. Infrared heating systems work as compact floor, ceiling or wall heating options in the form of an extremely thin heating film (0.4mm) made of laminated carbon fibres. It’s installation does not raise the floor or interfere with any other structural elements of the house.

Their many high-tech layers mean that the quality and efficiency of the heat provided by infrared heating films cannot be matched by alternative heating systems.


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Heating film and its competitors

Heating film competes with many other home heating methods on the market. So why should this type of heating become a permanent feature of our homes?

Catalogue of infrared heating films

HP-APN-410 heating foil

The basic infrared heating foil used in almost every system.

HP-APN-405 heating foil

A narrow heating foil for accurately covering small areas or filling in fragments when the basic foil is too wide.

HP-APN-403 heating foil

The narrowest heating foil used for precise finishing.

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Additional products and accessories

Grounding foil

Foil connected to the grounding conductor
(for rooms with high humidity).
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Electric multicore cable with a cross-section of 2.5mm used for connecting elements of the heating system with each other.

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Mounting tape

A special adhesive tape (resistant to temperature) for mounting heating films and other system components.

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Insulating tape

Tape for insulating the ends of heating foils.

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Mounting clips

Mounting clips for connecting heating foils to the electric circuit.

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Butyl tape

Tape for insulating heating foil wires.

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Advantages of heating films


Modern heating methods are extremely efficient. Find out just how effective infrared heating mats are.


Infrared heating mats are a safe product because they don’t have any mechanical elements and are therefore failure-free.


By installing infrared heating mats in your home, you can be sure that they will serve you effectively, without faults for many years.


Install infrared heating mats and enjoy more free time! You no longer have to worry about fuel or the temperature in your home.


Enjoy a long and healthy life! The system has antibacterial properties, which is great for allergy sufferers. Plus, it improves the immune system and offers thermal comfort.


By heating your home with infrared heating mats, you avoid using the Earth’s natural resources such as wood, coal or natural gas.

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