Insulating mats


Thermal insulation is important all year round

Insulating mats placed prior to the installation of infrared heating films eliminate heat loss by reflecting infrared rays into the heated room, and not towards the floor or roof insulation.

What are insulating mats?

Insulating mats provide an extremely efficient way to insulate a building against low winter temperatures and high summer temperatures. They have successfully replaced other insulating materials such as polystyrene and glass wool. Insulating mats are:

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Benefits of using insulating mats

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Product catalogue

Insulating mat

Insulating (heat reflecting) base necessary for sealing insulated surfaces.

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Protective substrate

An additional layer to direct the radiation in the right direction.

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Vapour barrier foil

Foil that provides additional protection against excessive moisture.

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Additional products and accessories

Grounding foil

Foil connected to the grounding conductor
(for rooms with high humidity).
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Electric multicore cable with a cross-section of 2.5mm used for connecting elements of the heating system with each other.

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Mounting tape

A special adhesive tape (resistant to temperature) for mounting heating films and other system components.

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Insulating tape

Tape for insulating the ends of heating foils.

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Mounting clips

Mounting clips for connecting heating foils to the electric circuit.

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Butyl tape

Tape for insulating heating foil wires.

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