Solar panels


Free electricity and free heating at your fingertips

Investing in solar panels is a very wise decision. In homes with high electricity consumption, the cost of solar panel installation pays off the fastest. And after this, you can enjoy fully free electricity that not only powers your electrical devices, but also, in combination with infrared heating mats, allows you to heat the house while keeping bills at next to nothing.

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Trust in the quality of a global brand

We are an authorised distributor of SOLARWATT solar panels and solat batteries. We offer solar panels and solar batteries in the following systems:

Product catalogue

Glass – glass Vision modules

solar panel from infrared heating London

Vision 60M

Monocrystalline glass-glass module with a silver frame.

solar panel from infrared heating London

Vision 60M Style

Transparent glass-glass monocrystalline module with a black frame.

solar panel from infrared heating London

Vision 36M

Transparent module with high performance and modern design.

EasyIn roof modules

solar panel from infrared heating London

EasyIn 60M Style

Benefits of our EasyIn roof solar system

SOLARWATT EasyIn 60M style glass-glass modules generate solar energy and at the same time replace traditional roofing. 

The high aesthetics, weather resistance and durability of the modules make EasyIn a good alternative to conventional roof systems.


Glass – foil Eco modules

solar panel from infrared heating London

Eco 120M

solar panel from infrared heating London

Eco 60M Style

Solar batteries

My reverse from infrared heating London

MyReserve Pack 24.3

Safe, powerful, compact

MyReserve Pack is a powerful lithium-ion battery module for integration in MyReserve battery systems.

  • Depth of Discharge is 100 %
  • Unique battery effi ciency of 99.2 %
  • Long service life > 15 years
  • Plug & play installation with contact-protected and polarity-reversal-protected connecting plugs
  • One-person installation possible (only 25 kg)
  • Certifi ed safety with multi-stage safety controls
  • Integrated battery management system with VTC supervisor
  • Individual cell monitoring
  • Dynamic adjustment of the charge current based on the current PV output and the household‘s internal consumption
  • Maintenance-free
  • No memory effect
My reverse black colour from infrared heating London

MyReserve Command 20.2

Intelligent storage control

MyReserve Command – highly efficient battery converter for DC-side integration between PV string and inverter.

  • Connection of 1 to 5 MyReserve Pack battery modules
  • Possible expansion to parallely couple multiple systems
  • Peak power of up to 4 kW
  • Discharge efficiency of up to 96.7 %
  • Fast load response < 1 s (time to supply a load demand)
  • Self-learning algorithm for maximum self-consumption
  • Safe and easy installation
  • Bluetooth-compatible service interface
  • Certified as per „Safety guidelines for Li-ion household battery systems“

Advantages of heating films


Modern heating methods are extremely efficient. Find out just how effective infrared heating mats are.


Infrared heating mats are a safe product because they don’t have any mechanical elements and are therefore failure-free.


By installing infrared heating mats in your home, you can be sure that they will serve you effectively, without faults for many years.


Install infrared heating mats and enjoy more free time! You no longer have to worry about fuel or the temperature in your home.


Enjoy a long and healthy life! The system has antibacterial properties, which is great for allergy sufferers. Plus, it improves the immune system and offers thermal comfort.


By heating your home with infrared heating mats, you avoid using the Earth’s natural resources such as wood, coal or natural gas.

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