Commercial heating

restaurant with installed infrared heating installation London

Infrared Heating Films are designed to heat larger interiors which is what makes them perfect for business properties. Infrared heating films produce a form of radiant warmth that spreads evenly throughout a room, reaching even those hard to heat spaces.

Infrared heat does not escape through open doors or windows, but instead warms people and surrounding objects directly, which is one of the many reasons the heating film is well suited to commercial properties.

With our heating films, you can create heating zones rather than heating the entire building and wasting energy and warmth on unused areas. You can choose to keep certain workstations warm and tackle any particularly difficult to heat spaces. With our infrared heating film, you can even set a schedule to fit around your property’s opening times.

Infrared heating films are well suited to any size commercial property, so even if you have a commercial property that has open or lofty interiors, infrared film is the perfect solution for keeping you and your staff warm.

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