Installation of solar panels


Green energy and free heating

It’s all within your reach. When opting for a heating system based on infrared films, it’s also worth considering the installation of solar panels, which will significantly reduce the costs of more than just your heating.

solar panel from infrared heating London applied on the roof

Solar panels + heating films = a comprehensive system that reduces heating costs to £0

Choose ecology

Take care of the environment by investing in green energy sources and a zero-emission heating system.

Order a comprehensive installation service for solar panels and heating films and say goodbye to electricity and heating bills, while enjoying healthy air.

Lower your heating and electricity bills to £0!

The use of infrared heating mats provides an unparalleled opportunity to significantly reduce home heating costs.

You can also lower electricity bills in your home. With solar panels, you can draw electricity from a natural source of heat – solar energy.

The combination of infrared heating mats with solar panels will reduce heating bills to £0. Yes, it’s possible! Don’t wait –find out more! Order a free quote today!

Highest quality solar panels!

The solar panel installations assembled by us consist of the highest quality components provided by the German company SOLARWATT, of which we are an official distributor.

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