Residential heating


Infrared heating is a clean and economical way to heat a whole house and it is extremely easy to install.

Rather than warming up the surrounding air like a normal convection system (e.g. radiators or fan heaters), infrared heating works by heating bodies or surrounding objects directly.

Fitting infrared heating film benefits your home as it reduces the chance of mould, this is a major selling factor of infrared heating. The heating system will also help to reduce dampness, damp build-up can cause water damage to masonry causing it to rot, rust or the mortar to crumble. By deterring this dampness, you will notice an improvement in the health of the building and its occupants.

Infrared heating is becoming more and more popular as homeowners are increasingly looking for more efficient and cleaner ways of keeping themselves warm during those cold winter nights, the popularity of infrared heating film increase.

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