Installation methods


Infrared heating versus
traditional convection heating

Infrared heating systems are the modern way to heat our homes. Until now, we did this by using well-known traditional convection solutions. So why should we switch to using infrared heating system components such as infrared heating films, insulating mats and thermostats?

The installation of heating films
is not only about underfloor heating

Infrared heating films are part of an infrared heating system that offers a wide range of applications. The most common solution is to install heating films under the floor panels. But that’s not all that can be done! It’s also possible to install them on the wall, placed under the plasterboard, in suspended ceilings and as part of so-called accumulation systems.

Accumulation system

The heating films are placed under the floor screed.

Ceiling mounting

Heating films are placed on plasterboards in suspended ceilings.

Floor mounting

Heating films are placed under the floor boards or panels.

Wall mounting

The heating films are placed on wall plasterboards.

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