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Our priority is high quality products and services and we care about providing healthy and environmentally friendly solutions. Our specialists install heating systems in Poland and Great Britain, as well as in other European countries. Bearing in mind comfort, ease of use and cost-effectiveness, we advise our clients on the best and most efficient solutions. We’re proud of our innovative heating mats, developed with 10 years of experience and knowledge. Our products are safe and reliable and they can also be used temporarily – that’s why they are appreciated around the world.

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Residential Services

Choosing your heating system wisely is particularly important and will significantly impact the cost of maintaining your home in the future. So why not be sure of everything – especially as the consultation with us costs nothing!

Heating mats and films are part of one of the most innovative heating systems around. When purchasing and installing them, it’s worth trusting an experienced company, even if we’re not based in your immediate area.

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